Archiv für den Monat Mai 2003

Udell, Winer and Ruby at table

Udell, Ruby

At Harkness Commons. Photograph from noon.

What are they discussing now?

Just a bit before I explained to Jon how SlideML came into being (Why another XML slide format?) and that the future of SlideML is Wysiwyg Editing of your Slides (with the Bitflux Editor NG).

Sam and Jon spoke also about Blog URIs and Apache mod_rewrite. And that MT, with one blogentry per page, is the most Google-friendly

Jon Udell just finished …

Jon Udell

Jon Udell during his keynote. See his slides here. Btw it was a really cool keynote. Unfortunately we didn’t have time for discussion.


  • Technologist see systems from the inside out, users see them from the outside in.
  • Publishing sensibility vs. engineering sensibility. The irony: publishing is engineering.
  • Brent’s „Law of CMS URLs“: the more expensive the CMS, the crappier the URLs.
  • Weblogs are the first publishing medium truly of and for the Web
  • The art of hypertextual writing is still stuck in 1995.
  • A huge opportunity for a lightweight, Web-aware writing tool that integrates easily in CMS
  • Tim Bray: „what I consider to be the central lesson of the World Wide Web, the „View Source“ lesson“. (Grade school translation: Sharing is Good.)
  • People also spend a huge amount of time refactoring „in the small“
  • How will normal, non-emacs-using people write the semantic web?
  • It’s still way too hard to write the Web in a rich way.

Jon Udell talking about his presentation

Jon Udell's keynote started

Some lessons learned in grade school

  • Write effective titles and topic sentences
  • Neatness counts
  • Share with others
  • No hitting

Three assertions

  1. Some people learned those lessons, and they communicate effectively with or without the aid of CMS.
  2. Many people didn’t learn those lessons, don’t communicate effectively, and don’t get much help from CMSs.
  3. The CMS opportunity, and challenge, is to help the majority learn and apply a handful of grade-school lessons.