Archiv für den Monat Juli 2003

XML Family Picture

After the RSS Family Picture here now the even bigger picture of the:

XML Family of Specifications by Ken Sall.


It's 1:27 here and I missed…

… the Love Hotel Moblogging Conference.

Well at the moment I just have no picture phone that is working and as I said, it’s already 1:27 in the morning here (compared with 18:27 back in Zurich).

Btw: there’s another pre-conference: 24 Hours of Moblogging. Via Mobitopia


Yae Akaiwa

This is Yae san, digging for some music*. Her family name is Akaiwa. If this isn’t a good omen;)

* Right now we are listening to
Budakhan Mindphone – A Mini – Album
Composed, Performed and Produced by Tom Jenkinson, Mastered by Frank Arkwright

Night at Meguro

Night at Kamiosaki

I am online now via Ethernet. I encountered some problems so far with wireless.

I finally arrived in Tokyo, where it rains a bit (ame ga shito shito furimasu). I had a wonderful dinner at Yae and Sembo’s house. The gyoza were just fantastic – oishii;)

Visit Exonemo

For the next few days I will live here in Exonemo’s „traditional“ house – I love it already;)

PS: Lukas, thanks for your tatami moblog. It renders well in Firebird, not at all in IE. But who the hell uses IE anyway;)