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John is also working on „Exportster“, which is a plugin that should be ready within a month. Its goal is to be able to export the data from the different networks and sync them.

„We export the data from social networks and sync them all, so that there is one macro level FOAF file, in order to have a unified data model.“

I like that idea of Exportster, respectively one FOAF file, very much. I am sure in three years time of LinkedIn, Friendster, Orkut we will no longer hear of them – or maybe of one;). And already now it’s kind of stupid to reenter your personal data again and again.

Via Loïc


Neu werden einem übrigens die Kommentare via E-mail zugeschickt.
Dies funktioniert aber nur, wenn man seine eigene E-mail-Adresse auch angegeben hat.

Diese gibt man normalerweise beim Registrieren an. Man kann sie aber nachträglich auch noch im Admin ändern.
Auto => Autor ändern => Email.

Kommentare können natürlich auch jederzeit gelöscht werden.

Danke Silvan;)

Simple Quiz or Archeology of Images?

Jean-Sebastien just started an experiment which could be very interesting to follow. Right now, it looks like a sort of quiz: Do you know that image? Where does it come from?

This alone is already quite interesting, but maybe by doing it, one could also go one step further and try to define these images in their specificity which would then somehow bring us to an Archeology of Images.

See also (all german):
Historiographie der Bilder
Archäologie der Medien, von S. Zielinski
Foucaults Archäologie und der Diskurs der Literatur