Archiv für den Tag Februar 14, 2004


Greg Elin about his Fotonotes

FotonotesTM is the easiest way to annotate people and things depicted digital photos. Upload, annotate, and invite others to explore your photos and reveal embedded stories!

Now why not combine moblogging and annotation of photos? Images of the Orange TREO and of an Udell post are lingering on my mind…

XSLT as an analysis tool

Chuck White’s tutorial reminded me of Jon Udell’s Weblog Search

XSLT is meant to change the form of XML, but you can also use it to perform analysis. In this tutorial, the second in a series, the MindMap team creates a system that enables them to pass parameters that not only determine the properties to analyze but also change the desired criteria using Web-based forms. And because it’s all in an XSLT stylesheet, the team can change the algorithm or output without recompiling the application.