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Finale of "Sex and the City"


So Sunday’s finale was an answered prayer for viewers who, as the big day approached, had rooted for Carrie to choose Big over Aleksandr, the self-involved artist who enticed her to leave her beloved New York and move with him to Paris.

HBO Site:

Carrie’s Parisian adventure begins – Read about the latest episode of Sex and the City here… and don’t miss the series finale of Sex and the City, airing Sunday, February 22 at 9PM EST.

So this means, Sex and the City, after six seasons finishes today.

I just discovered today the HBO site of Sex and the City. Maybe that is because until recently, I watched it only occasionally.

But the site is definitely worth a visit. Check out the Scrapbook for example:
With the synopsis comes also the „Story Highlights“, a „Dating Diary“, „The Look“, „Girls Talk“ (video excerpt) and an „Address Book“.