Archiv für den Monat März 2004

Kanji der Woche – 新

Das Kanji der heutigen Woche ist:

Es bedeutet „neu“ oder „frisch“
On-Lesung: SHIN (シン)
Kun-Lesung: atara(shii) あたら(しい), ara(ta) あら(た)
Radikal: 斤, ono
Strichzahl: 13

新聞 = shinbun = Zeitung
新年 = shinnen = Neues Jahr
新製品 = shinseihin = Neue Produkte

Gibson + French Video Quiz

Checking Technorati today, I found this passage from the new Gibson novel Pattern Recognition:

Pollard is among a cult-like group of Internet obsessives that strives to find meaning and patterns within a mysterious collection of video moments, merely called „the footage,“ let loose onto the Internet by an unknown source. Her hobby and work collide when a megalomaniac client hires her to track down whoever is behind the footage.

It reminded me a lot of our french KAYWA Bloggers quiz:

GPS powered Moblogs

At CeBIT last week, I was a bit disappointed that no one in Europe proposes for the near future camera phones which make pictures with GPS data. Already last year in Tokyo, Joi took a photo of me, which had this feature.

So why does Nokia have a phone which has GPS and makes photos, but not both together? Why does Siemens show Assisted-GPS phones, but if you ask, they tell you it is not available in the near future.

Anyway, here is Eyebeam’s post GeoSnaps! which points to GeoSnapper and to Mie.