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214 Radicals


The 214 traditional radicals, arranged according to stroke count, along with their Japanese names and the English names commonly associated with them

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The 214 Chinese Radicals. They are not entirely the same as the current Japanese radicals. But above it’s also the traditional ones, so they should match as much as possible. An example to check is the „dragon“ kanji. I must admit, I am a big fan of the traditional writing style in this regard.

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Best practice: Web-based Aggregators?

Update: (April 5)
Sharing multiple digests could be kinja’s killer app…

After discovering Seblogging via Mathemagenic, I found this post: Interfaces for aggregators.

As KAYWA will also want to offer every bloguser a personal aggregator, we are currently looking for the best possible web-based aggregator solution.

If you have good suggestions, please tell us at contact [at]

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Learning in weblog networks

Learning webs: Learning in weblog networks by Lilia Efimova and Sebastian Fiedler

This article explores how professionally oriented Weblog projects support the emergence of loosely coupled learning networks. We provide an overview of the technical infrastructure of this particular form of personal Webpublishing and the social ecosystems that emerge through current Weblog authoring practices. Furthermore, we suggest that some Weblog ecosystems can be conceptualized as learning webs. These learning webs appear to meet the specific needs of knowledge workers for flexible and dynamic learning environments. Some preliminary results of qualitative data collection in this area are shared and some further lines of research are proposed.

Via this and that

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