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Not yet a good business model in that space

There was a lot of talk about how money can be made from blogging. Most people agreed that there really isn’t a good business model yet in that space but that there would be soon.

Via Web 2.0: Possibly the best IT business conference of 2004

Heiri mit dem Atlas der politischen Landschaften

Heute traf ich zufällig Heiri Leuthold im Technopark. Er referierte, zusammen mit Michael Hermann über „Politische Landschaften in einer urbanen Schweiz – Konsequenzen einer beschleunigten Modernisierung“ an der Ideenmesse „Think Thanks: Mode oder Notwendigkeit?“

Ich habe schon früher über ihn gebloggt: (12.10.03):

Heiri Leuthold, a former classmate, is not only involved in Politools, but today he also co-wrote an article in Tages-Anzeiger. As his article is not available for free, I suggest to read Ende des Bürgerblocks.

Or even better, go directly to:

The New Bloglines Web Services (O'Reilly Network)

The New Bloglines Web Services

Bloglines today (28.9.2004) announced a set of new web services APIs, allowing developers to write applications for reading RSS and Atom feeds by drawing data directly from the Bloglines databases. […] The Bloglines Web Services make it very easy for developers to use RSS and Atom content for many purposes, and the services will also ease the traffic pileup that aggregators are beginning to cause for many large RSS/Atom publishers.