Do we need standard weblog features?

Do we need standard weblog features? Brent Simmons thinks so in his argument for standard weblog features

Via Why weblog editing is complex by Anil


5 Gedanken zu „Do we need standard weblog features?

  1. Alain

    Like: „Name ‚em all the same“. Today somewhere it’s called „foo“, somewhere else „bar“. I don’t know how it is e.g. in del.ici.ous, i think there you have a set of standard-categories from which you can chose. Do you get my point? Anyways 😉

  2. Roger

    I see, some kind of Taxonomy, Classification… I am still searching for the term used in ths Semantic Web space.

    I think today it’s rather going in another direction, meaning give the users the full power to create their own categories.

    But naturally some kind of structuring makes always sense. The question is what to take as „the“ classification – the Open or Yahoo directory,, Reuters… ?

    Maybe we need some more years of classification anarchy:)

  3. Alain

    Yes, i thought about it again. Some like to call their „private“ Section „Lull und Lall“ [1]. It makes sense to leave that open. Maybe a form of suggested category proposals would make sense. I always find it rather difficult to setup categories, since the better stay permanent and should not be scrambled once a while…

    Anyways, interesting topic 😉



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