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Punctum Posts about Japanese Photography

Reading at the moment the part about japanese photography from the 60-80’s in the Photobook, I today found that weblog. The author Stacy Oborn does also like tea culture (see links) as much as I do.

Some of her interesting posts about japanese photography:
the philosopher and the trickster: daido moriyama and nobuyoshi araki
the art of losing love, pt.1 : words on masahisa fukase
the art of losing love, pt.2: seiichi furuya and christine gössler

Via Coincidences who likes Martin Parr’s Photobook too.

Media RSS Syndication by Yahoo

Media RSS Syndication

„Media RSS“ is a new RSS module that supplements the enclosure capabilties of RSS 2.0 (FAQ). Enclosures in RSS are already being used to syndicate audio files (Podcasting) and images. Media RSS extends enclosures to handle other media types, such as short films or TV, in addition to providing additional metadata with the media. Media RSS enables content publishers and bloggers to broadly distribute descriptions of and links to multimedia content.

See also: Media RSS Module – RSS 2.0 Module