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Vodcasting (by Yahoo)

After Podcasting, enter Vodcasting…
Video Search Beta

This is all about helping RSS evolve to handle all the media types we might want to attach to RSS feeds. Early last month when asked me about enclosures, I said two things that are worth repeating in this context:

Enclosures are more evolutionary that revolutionary.

That’s exactly why we want to start by building on the foundation of enclosures rather than introducing a brand new format.

RSS is a reasonably flexible format for distributing content. Enclosures are to RSS what attachments are to e-mail.

In other words, enclosures aren’t just for podcasting anymore. If you want to be a video blogger, enclosures should work for that too.

If you’re a user, aggregator author, or content provider who’d like to get involved with the development of Media RSS please join the rss-media group. Of course, you can also leave a comment here or trackback this post to let us know what you think.

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