What is a legal blog?

As we welcome the first Law Blog on KAYWA, it makes sense to define the term Law Blog in a very general way. After what was written here, I will this time quote from a mainstream type of law blog. But before continuing reading I urge everyone to make a detour via Larry Lessig and Donna – at least.

The word blog is a shorter version of the term weblog. It’s a Web site that is easily updated on a regular basis, has a high concentration of repeat visitors, has its content pushed to subscribers by RSS (really simple syndication) or email and allows for response and discussion from site visitors.

Well-run legal blogs usually focus tightly on one niche area of the law and/or jurisdiction. The aim is to provide the legal blog’s readers with a constantly renewing source of news and insight about that topic.

The publisher of a legal blog is generally an individual lawyer or a practice group in a law firm.

A legal blog establishes its author as a reliable, helpful authority on the subject matter, and builds and enhances the reputation of its publisher. Visitors often come to rely on information from the legal blog for quality information and commentary. For professional businesses, like lawyers, achieving this level of loyalty among visitors, the monetary rewards can be great.

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