Blogging in how many words?

Blogging in 15 words

You blog, other blogs link to your blog, you link back, and Google loves that.

We’ll take a few more to do the same thing in our book. Maybe 90,000 more.

Update (see below)
Understanding Weblogs
In case you are new to the genre, Weblogs take two canonical forms:

A Weblogger surfs the Web and links to items of interest. One may provide a bare, unadorned link, a link plus an excerpt, or both of those plus one’s own pithy commentary.

diary or journal
One keeps a regular or irregular journal online.

It is quite possible to combine the forms: You can write about your life, which itself includes the Web-surfing you do.


3 Gedanken zu „Blogging in how many words?

  1. Roger

    He still has not fixed his Bookblog.

    What’s wrong with NUblog and Bookblog?
    I moved to WordPress as a blogging system in spring 2004. We still haven’t converted the old archives to WordPress yet, and it’s gonna take a while. As those Weblogs are scarcely, if ever, updated, asking you to Google for results is not actually onerous in this case.


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