Keep a Journal

Here are some good reasons, why learners should keep a journal – and as we are all learners, well we all should – blog 🙂

Keep a Journal (p.27)

Use the journal to become accustomed to writing as a method of seeing things in new ways. Record your questions, observations, insights, jokes, and dreams.You never know when inspiration will strike, but as you keep a journal, you ’ll find that it strikes more frequently.


Keep a log of your impressions for the rest of the day. You don ’t have to write constantly, but spend ten minutes in each of the next four hours to recall and describe what holds your attention, what you think about, and what you learn. Don ’t get discouraged if what you write seems superficial or goofy at first. Keep writing until something insightful occurs to you.


Supplement your journal with scrapbooks or files on different topics of
interest. Cut out and collect newspaper and magazine articles, or print
information from the Internet on any subject that inspires you, including family, food, health, music, technology, or politics.

I [Marcia L. Conner] write notes to myself on the left-hand pages and write for upcoming articles, books, or talks on the right-hand pages.This allows me to be both orderly and free flowing in one place and to see connections I wouldn’t notice otherwise between the different types of work I do. Experiment with different approaches and you ’re sure to find your own style.

From Learn More Now: 10 Simple Steps to Learning Better, Smarter, and Faster

Via John Seely Brown’s «Linking, Lurking, Listening, and Learning: Interview from Upside Magazine with Marcia Conner»


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