Tim Bray: We don’t know what it is yet because we’re just getting into this…

Tim Bray (February 2005)

Well, I should talk a little bit about syndication because that’s really where a large proportion of my energies are going. Clearly, if you look at RSS (Really Simple Syndication), and you look at the growth rates and adoption curves, it looks a whole lot like what we saw on the Web in ’93 and ’94. There are currently more than 3 million syndication feeds. They’re growing at the rate of approximately 14,000 per day. There are on the order of 300,000 new posts per day, and those curves all have that same shape that we were looking at 10 years ago.

This is hot stuff. People are using it. Clearly this is a new model of communicating information that has some sort of a sweet spot in the spectrum of communications. We don’t know what it is yet because we’re just getting into this. But clearly, people like it.


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