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Study: Advertisers shifting their spending from television to the Internet

fip study


The study conducted by the International Federation of the Periodical Press comes at a time when advertisers are shifting more of their spending from television to the Internet.

About two-thirds of consumer magazine Web site revenues came from display advertising, the study found. The rest was from sponsorship, e-commerce, subscriptions and syndication.

„Most publishers of successful magazine Web sites have gained new advertisers on the Web who do not advertise in the print products,“ the report said.

Download the study Routes to success for consumer magazine websites (PDF).


Something like a GeoURLet would be extremely useful. The traditional way of getting your GeoURL (see: Alain’s way) is IMHO much too complicated. Even if you provide a direct link.

With a GeoURLet, you would only need to enter my address (street, place, country) and I would receive the full metatag data which I then could copy and which sends a ping to GeoURL. And there is probably even a simpler way to do it.

Any ideas?

New York Times, The Wall Street Journal podcasts


Digital audio publisher Audible plans to release podcasts of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the company’s other periodic content via syndicated feeds.

[…] Microsoft is proposing extensions to the RSS specification that will add support for ordered lists. Currently, RSS feeds are ordered according to the time individual items were sent. By allowing publishers to specify a different order for information, the technology could become more e-commerce-friendly. at Innsbruck

Didn’t have time to blog Innsbruck yet, but I had a wonderful time. I remember with much pleasure Martin, Brian, Seb, Sebastian, Moe, Herr Langreiter, Herr Bollak, Arnaud, Riitta, Renate Millebner, Patricia Köll, Pryakorn Pusawiro, Christian Bablick, Junichi Azuma, Hagen and Martin Lindner.

My presentation (the short version)

  • The Schism of the Two Edutribes
  • After the Media Crisis, the Education Crisis?!
  • It’s not about the information, it’s about the conversation (Schwartz, Weinberger)
  • The pipe and not the content of the pipe (Siemens‘ Connectivism)
  • KAYWA’s Mobile Blog Solution – the demo and the screenshots
  • Example: Schweizerdeutsch für Deutschsprachige (mobile version)

If you are interested to read the long version (9 pages), drop me an email.

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