NeoRadio movement

In the recent MA Leader Studies, the Radio decline was the most obvious. Here is one of the ChangeThis Manifestos which doesn’t provide a recipe but hints at the solution.

This is Radio Clash: A Manifesto for Creating a Meaningful Radio Experience
Radio is under fire. Radio companies think it is about the technology. Fred Jacobs suggests they should start with the listeners.

Radio’s myopic practices are threatening its future as they would any business that focuses on commerce over content. When radio had little direct competition, a cavalier attitude might have been passable. In the old days, disgruntled radio listeners simply retreated to their own personal music collections of albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, or CDs. But given the landscape of new media choices, consumers are doing what they do best — fleeing to attractive new options that put them in control. Video games, iPods, Internet radio, and satellite radio have captured the attention and imaginations of our 18-24 year olds — and this trend is spreading to other demographic groups. This “tyranny of choice” affects all traditional media. Like radio, television and print have come under intense pressure because of new entertainment choices.

[…] NeoRadio is about listeners and what they want. It’s the opposite of the post-Telecom Act Wall Street norm. Radio’s charm has always been its ability to reflect the vibe of its local communities, large and small. We heard this in the days and weeks after 9/11when many local radio stations stepped out and provided a hometown voice for their listeners. NeoRadio embraces that grassroots approach every day.

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