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one earth, one internet?

I like the word internet even if it’s worn-out. It’s not the net, it’s the inter-net and it still sounds for me like inter-dependent.


Joi said:

Lets fight to keep the Internet and not let it turn into the internets… It is a difficult process with various flaws, but if we give up, it will be very difficult if not impossible for all of us to talk again very soon.


Joi who thinks global since his youth, fears that some countries prefer to do things again for themselves. For sure there are a lot of tendencies in this direction.
The „chacun pour soi“ is again en vogue: criticism to globalization is firing back, but certainly not always as intended by its first critics.

It will be tough cauz‘ glocalisation is highly unpredictable. Even if – in the end – Sloterdijk will prove right.

A lot of countries knew long periods of unrest and chaos during their history and I hope that this glocalisation period will not become one of them. So yes, I also think, it’s absolutely necessary that it remains one internet – even if it should be possible to map an www address written in kanji to a romanized one ;).

Do you have a «pregnant Ranma problem»?

Pregnant Ranma Problem (from Wikipedia)

In anime fandom a pregnant Ranma problem refers to any discussion of the mechanics or logistics of a token gimmick, or plot device that would normally be governed by suspension of disbelief. The term often carries the suggestion that rather than the ‚problem‘ following internal logic or mood of the series, it is treated too realistically by fans or is out of scope.

Great! I hope I can used it soon in a blog discussion: „Do you have a pregnant Ranma problem?“

Btw: In a Anpanman series I am watching with my kids, there is a place with two lakes nearby. If you fall into one, you become a child, in the other you get old. This somehow echoes – less subversively – Ranma’s switching between the sexes.

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