VIDEO: rel=“payment“

So what if we added a button in these aggregators that let people PAY the creator if they watch a cool video. You watch a video, you love it, and you click a button that sends you to a paypal page or whatever.

How to do this?
Peter had the brilliant idea for videobloggers to add rel=“payment“ in their blog entry…
Since this is an open protocol, any tool can use this info to connect viewer with the videoblogger to give money.

So the link would look like this:
<a href=“; rel=“payment“>Pay Me</a>
I created a page at DropCash that will let you donate money to me.
rel=“payment“ is then thing that FireANT or Mefeedia can tell its a Payment button.

We were very excited because its so simple.
You are just sending someone to a URL…which could be anything.
A paypal account, a webpage, whatever.
It’s up to you where you want someone to go to pay you.

If the videobloggers can adopt this feature, then we may have the kernel of sustainability.

Via Marc


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