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Why Murdoch Really Bought MySpace?

In addition to live concerts, MySpace is an ideal platform to release music videos (which the major record labels are desperately trying to monetize), as well as other short-form reality programming (think Fox’s “American Idol”) that’s likely to attract the 22 million youngsters in the MySpace community… an audience that happens to also watch MTV.

No matter what you may think of Rupert Murdoch, he never overpays and you can’t underestimate his brilliance. After all, he challenged the 3 major TV broadcast networks by creating Fox, then he challenged CNN by launching FoxNews, and he’s currently revamping FX with a slate of edgy original programming to go against HBO. I believe he’s now going after MTV, and if indeed that was his reason for buying MySpace, not only was it another brilliant move by the media mogul, but the price he paid was a bargain.

And see also this comment by Mark Signal

I would argue that you have to look at the acquisition of MySpace of indicative of how deeply Murdoch gets the importance of user-generated content as a generational macro trend.

Social networking as a trend bucket is as much a reflection of consumers really enjoying pimping themselves up through customization and personalization and building affinity networks around that process, as it is about “collecting friends.”

Two, I believe that Murdoch gets that when you marry user generated engagement with rich media, you have a model for lock in and leverage since users increasingly have a common reference point for maintaining conversations and communal connections with their peers, which becomes a defensible “space” since it is so context-bound.

A link. One is a post I wrote on user generated content: The „user generated“ trend.


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