The BBC's new media strategy

Your Own World

Expecting stereotypical geeks, they instead met grade-schoolers broadcasting their own music mixes created from BBC’s radio Web pages, homemakers publishing online, and a „Gaming Granny“ deep into multiplayer fantasy games. „We were blown away,“ remembers Bennett. „We realized there were large numbers of people out there doing things that we weren’t doing.“

That realization lit a fire under the BBC, and this fall, the venerable company will begin rolling out its new digital self. […]

The BBC’s new strategy reflects two important truths of 21st-century media. Just as all politics is local, all news and entertainment is now personal—in the digital age, users can manipulate media to do what they want, when they want. […] Secondly, the Internet changes the timeline of entertainment production, broadcast and consumption. […] At the same time, in a world of digital choice, people can ignore your offerings, but they can also keep watching, reading or listening forever. That concept, famously dubbed the „Long Tail“ by Wired editor Chris Anderson, also changes the entire economic model of entertainment, creating hugely successful niche products over longer periods of time.


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