The porous membrane or why corporate blogging works (by gapingvoid)

the porous membrane: why corporate blogging works.

11. The answer lies in „x“, the membrane that seperates A from B. The more porous the membrane, the easier it is for conversations between A and B, the internal and external, to happen. The easier for the conversations on both side of membrane „x“ to adjust to the other, to become like the other.

12. And nothing, and I do mean nothing, pokes holes in the membrane better than blogs. You want porous? You got porous. Blogs punch holes in membranes like like it was Swiss cheese.

13. The more porous your membrane („x“), the easier it is for the internal conversation to inform and align with the external conversation, and vice versa.

In this respect see also:
Update: It’s a Technorati Survey (Technorati/Edelman Blogger PR Survey Results)

Blogger Survey 2005 – Analysis (821 Total Surveys)

What is the primary reason you blog?

Answer Count Percent
Create a record of my thoughts 259 31.54 %
Other 79 9.62 %
Connect with others 167 20.34 %
Visibility as an authority in my field 278 33.86 %
Generate revenue 38 4.62 %

When looking for product information, which do you trust most?

Answer Count Percent
Company web sites 215 26.18 %
Company press releases 40 4.87 %
Other Bloggers 516 62.85 %
Corporate Blog 50 6.09 %

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