Swisscom is apparently testing its MMS-Gateway

Since today 11a.m. Swisscom is apparently testing or changing its MMS-Gateway.

Now when you moblog aka send your MMS or email to a KAYWA weblog, we get the
SMIL File as additional file. We have worked on it immediately and now the SMIL file doesn’t appear any more in the text next to your image.

But now I just discovered another problem. I sent my Sharp pictures which where in this case 80 KB. Now Swisscom blew it up to 182 KB and by doing that did not really improve on the quality of the picture.

For a year now, it resized all my MMS from 640×480 Pixel to 480×320 Pixel. Now it blows them up!

Please Swisscom, be a bit nicer to your well-inclined customers.


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