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Podcasting Whitepaper
Podblaze (Podcasting Blog)
See also: Simon Says Podcasts
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Swicki Blog


Google Reader


And Robert Scoble Shel Israel ’s Blogs: They Just Don’t Integrate

Something else happened […] which disturbed me and that was the number of times I heard traditional marketing executives talk about how they want to use blogs to extend their intergrated marketing solutions, thus extending the brand.

[…] Blogs are an example of from one-to-many communications. They fail when they push. […] The success of blogs comes from the concept that people respond best to quiet speaking that informs audiences and trusts them to make wise decisions. They help brands in ways you cannot imagine by letting people see real, fallible humans doing real jobs. They build trust.

My advice: don’t try to integrate your blogs. Trust your employees to talk and they will most likely behave in trustworthy ways. Trust your target audiences to be intelligent and they will become your champions and that is a powerful way to build your brands.


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