Neomarketing: Create Stories

the future of marketing is being able to create stories other people will want to tell

Over the past six months or so English Cut has scored a few major PR coups [thanks mainly to Dave Parmet, kudos etc.]

You would think a big PR coup [e.g. a plug in the New York Times] would have a huge and immediate impact on the business, but actually, not really.

Sure, there was an increase in web traffic, but nothing major. Maybe a 50-100% increase for a day or two, maybe a few extra sales, but then back to normal.

That being said, it all helps the business long-term. A plug in a major paper is good for the brand. People see the credentials and think, „OK, he’s been in The Times, he must be good.“ This triangulates our brand against a trusted media authority. Grounds it in a favorable reality etc.

This also firms up our relationship with our existing customers. Seeing us mentioned in the paper helps validate their decision to give us their business. Being able to say „They were in The Times“ makes them more likely to want to tell the story to other people, to spread the word, to recommend us to others etc. etc.

Which brings me to the major point of this post. Reduced to the most basic level, the main reason English Cut is currently growing as a busines is simply because people like telling the story to other people. Because they like telling it, that’s what they do. Ergo, the story spreads.

So ask yourself this question: Do people like telling your story? Seriously, when people talk about what you do for a living, do their eyes light up?

If not, you’ve got a bit of a marketing problem. Seth Godin is correct- the future of marketing is being able to create stories other people will want to tell.


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