Corporate Web Site As A Blog

Coming back from the presentation*, I discovered this:

The Future of Blogging
The meme of “Corporate Web Site As A Blog” is going around – and I like it. While this has been popular for individuals for a while (e.g. – it’s starting to happen with companies. Fred Wilson and Brad Burnham did this recently with their site at Union Square Ventures and Matt Blumberg just launched a new Return Path web site organized around a blog – launched with a post on Matt’s blog about why Return Path did this.

* As there were dentist business related people there as well I also spoke about my iPod and dentist experience. It’s a funny meme, anyway. Help to spread it;)


Not really related, but interesting to think about. I don’t feel we get a lot of swiss companies of the evolutionary type -or am I wrong?
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

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