Historic Climate Deal?

Climate Change Conference in Montréal, Canada

UK hails ‚historic‘ climate deal.

Environment ministers at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Montreal have made a series of breakthroughs in plans to combat global warming.

Kyoto Protocol signatories agreed to extend the treaty on emissions reductions beyond its 2012 deadline.

A group of countries including the US agreed to talks on long-term measures.

The US had previously refused to accept any deal leading to commitments to cuts.

According to Climate-change conference ends with key deals the document’s name is the Montreal Action Plan. I still couldn’t find the document so far.

I was looking for the agreement, but I didn’t find it here and there are no links whatsoever in news articles I skimmed through. Can anyone point me to the „environment ministers“ document?

And what do others think? Anybody here? There at the BBC Forum the climate change negationists seem to have taken over.


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