Open Source Architecture

Katamari Damacy or Open Source Architecture
OS Architecture or Katamari Damacy?

Open Source Architecture Experiment

Architecture may be thought of as a combination of static ‚hardware‘ and dynamic ’software‘. Pushing the analogy further, architecture could be considered an ‚operating system‘ within which people write their own programmes for spatial interaction. One model of operating system that is particularly relevant to architecture (since the design of space is always collaborative) is an open source system.

[…] Main ideas brought into the mix were: locative media (Andrew), which provides control structures that one allows oneself to be part of; open choreography (Ophra) in which a set of instructions can be modified by those who interpret them; play and people-centered design (Margot) where open systems place emphasis on users as designers; low-tech media architecture (Adam) in which existing technology and spaces are re-appropriated; architecture as an open source operating system (Usman) where a collaborative framework is provided within which people create their own social space.

For background information please refer to „Hardspace/Softspace“ and „Logical Conflicts: architecture and open source design“ under Papers.

See also:
PingMag Podcast Vol.1 – Usman Haque


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