Momoyo Kaijima

Taken from How Latitudes Become Forms

  • Multilayered structures with varied uses
  • a new design aesthetic dictated by utility and context
  • Manthos Santorineos: „If ‚the medium was the message‘, the platform is the message of the message and the weakening of the medium. ‚Platform‘ is the combination of technology, a new way of thinking about meeting needs, and the vision of a group of people who are preparing a ’space‘ in which to invite interested persons to develop their own ideas. If the late 20th century was characterized by McLuhan’s maxim ‚the medium is the message,‘ the beginning of the next one can be characterized as follows: ‚We are preparing new platforms for new messages.'“
  • Raqs Media Collective: „We would do well to emulate even in part aspects of this tradition in the new media culture of today. . . . This might create oases of locatedness along the global trade routes of new media culture.“
  • Raqs Media Collective: „A re-telling, a word taken to signify the simultaneous existence of different versions of a narrative within oral, and from now onwards, digital cultures. . . . The concept of rescension is contraindicative of the notion of hierarchy.“

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