Ajax bei André

Ajax bei André

Probably stuff for a future conference on Ajax.


3 Gedanken zu „Ajax bei André

  1. Roger

    Hi André,
    I just started to read your blog. Good to see your comment here.

    I have some open issues and you can maybe help me with them.

    Ajax helps a lot if we look from the usability’s point of view. It’s faster, it saves time. So we can say the ROI is there.

    If we look from the metrics perspective, we still have a problem though. Everybody measures success by counting pageviews. And as long that is, Ajax has a serious problem.

    So my question is: what kind of „new“ metrics do you propose that would make the page views obsolete.

    There is the Technorati/Google link metrics, but – especially for Technorati – this is also biased.

    Do you know of any better way of measuring the success of a site?

    PS: I have my own ideas about a new kind of metrics, but they are on a totally different level.

  2. Andre Charland

    Hi Roger,

    You’re absolutely right, pageviews are less relevant in an AJAX system. However you can still track how often a given piece of content is served/viewd but you likely have write some custom code on the backend to track this and not just rely on server logs. If advertising is your concern you can do this by serving ads asynchronously with AJAX and still track click throughs. In fact you should be able to serve more targetted ads. I think you can use similar metrics, if not more precise ones, you just need to do more work on the backend.

    My colleague Alexei is writing some interesting articles on this subject right now. He already has one some technological risks here: http://ajaxinfo.com/default~viewart~13.htm .

    It’s a brave new world of web dev:P

    I’d love to hear your ideas Roger!


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