Le discours amoureux and blogs as minor art form

I am in a sentimental mood now, so read this post accordingly. Yesterday I quoted Ben Hammersly about the civility of discourse, today I am saying we need again a loving discourse – and here I am obviously looking in the direction of Roland Barthes.

I also wanted to convey that I consider blogs like a minor art form – un art mineur -, but with the same pride (it’s the wrong word but I didn’t find any better) and attentioness Serge Gainsbourg considered his songs like a minor art form. (By the way we all know that he was wrong.)

This has two consequences: first there is a special kind of melancholy that blogging never will be a major art form – paradise is lost and we struggle to make the best out of it. Second there is an affirmative stance: we know it’s not a major art form so then we can use it without constraints and explore this new space at our free will.

Why I am blogging this? I just had a wonderful evening with dear friends and family and it made me very happy. And I wanted to thank all to make it happen.

Tomorrow I will publish a letter from 1955 which I got as a present. I am totally fond of it.


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