For Future Readers, Papers should consider the short- and the longterm

Yesterday I left a comment on Medienspiegel respectively on Edgar Schulers „Tote Bäume leben länger“ where I said, that the newspaper will not disappear, and that I also think that the PC-Internet will come under pressure in the future (10 to 20 years). The short term trend is naturally different, we’ll see a certain shift from paper to the internet (see article below). Now it’s up to the innovative to build strategies that will consider both the short- and the longterm.

In For Future Readers, Papers Should Look Online, the study of market research firm Scarborough Research

found more evidence that younger people are interested in news, just not the print version. The study found, for example, that 37 percent of adults who visited The Washington Post’s Web site in the past 30 days were ages 18 to 34, while only 26 percent of the newspaper’s print readers fall into the same age bracket.

Data from public newspaper companies indicate that online advertising revenue is growing at a pace that matches the double-digit increases in online readers over the past several years. But those figures are still working off of a small base, said John Morton, a newspaper industry analyst. He said online advertising revenue accounts for about 5 percent of a newspaper’s total revenue and will probably grow to 6.5 percent next year.

„But if you continue to grow 30 percent or more a year, within five years, for example, online classified revenue will equal what you’ll get from your print model,“ Morton said. „My concern is how newspaper managers treat this online profit. If they treat it as ‚found‘ money and don’t use it to shore up the economic model of the declining newsprint model, it’s going to spell bad news for newsrooms.“

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