Connectivity, Information, Entertainment and Shopping

The Poynter Institute’s first seminar on „New Habits of News Consumers.“

News and the Four Basic Communication Needs

According to Thorson and Duffy, every instance of media use is motivated by a communication need, so their organizing framework begins with four basic communication needs: connectivity, information, entertainment, and shopping.

[…] Another concept Duffy suggested print and broadcast journalists look at is „apertures.“ The term describes when there is an appropriate opening in the lives of media users – and for what.

„Research can identify aperture information for each information segment,“ Duffy said. „This is the way to show advertisers how they can be successful. Use research in specific ways to identify an audience by lifestage, ethnicity and gender. Identify apertures for needs satisfaction and the time that will make users happy.“

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  1. An explosion of choice.
  2. The empowerment of the consumer.
  3. Disaggregation or bundling of media.
  4. Generational Change.

„Some people still want to consume journalism passively. Others want to go to links or talk back to you.“ And if print doesn’t cooperate and deliver, they’ll look for it elsewhere.

[…] Another new habit to watch: community journalism, also known by a term Heyward disdained, „citizen journalism.“

„Citizen-created content is going to be increasingly important. But it’s not a substitute; it’s a complement,“ he said. „Side by side, you’re going to have professional journalism and citizen-created journalism. Order vs. chaos – this is a world that is chaotic compared to what we’re used to. It’s not neat. Get used to it. Chaos is going to co-exist with order in the media world.“


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