The Swiss Blog Awards

It was a very nice event. Thanks to all the organizers from SBAW. I hope we will see a second edition.

The winners:
Don’t mention the skiing

People who already blogged about it:
Bruno Giussani
Jürg Stuker

PS: Just one thing I don’t understand. Several bloggers were asked the question: „what is better than blogging?“ For me the answer to this question in this situation was kind of obvious – sex -, but this answer never came. How comes? Is this answer to intimate? Are people getting asexual? Were they prude? Shy? I am just wondering? Anyone?

More at:

2 Gedanken zu „The Swiss Blog Awards

  1. dorftrottel

    sex?? you’re kiddin‘..!!
    should you really be interested.. please refer to my comment at sandra lia’s (if you dare). my guess is.. most bloggers are too considerate.. my-my.. after all, they’re all „publishers“ and such, have a reputation to defend or whatever.. especially if they pick up an award..

    we didn’t understood much.. sorry!
    but we’ve seen you jogging once since, along the river, that’s almost as good as blogging.. is’n’it??

    *giggelin‘ like crazed*

    paz and von flohheim

  2. Roger

    I need a link Herr Paz.

    Considerate blogging? Well, sounds weird to me:) Maybe you mean, they rock n’roll aka blogging, to be considerate in real life.


    Understanding the QR Code, I guess. Yep, it was really a bad performance (unlike the discussion about money and blogs at the beginning which was quite good), I agree. I need an assistant next time.

    We will do better on in June.


    Jogging? That must be some time ago:)


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