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Mossadeq and Azadeh

Azadeh already helped me with reading the post which linked to my image. Now I just wanted to point to her blog.

Go read her latest post on Iran-USA relations.

While Iran is introduced by the USA as” axis of evil”, Iran names USA “great Satan”. This is not only slogans, It is 27 years that both countries even did not have the minimum relationship, sometimes they had some negotiation on issues that benefited both sides, but officially both of them avoided to start any negotiation. This subject is not a thing related only to Islamic revolution but a long history of challenges between two countries.

Have you ever heard of Mossadeq? I only recently read that name for the first time in the Fussball Folio from NZZ which lists next to all football crews the national trauma. For Switzerland it was the Swissair Grounding, for Iran Mossadeq. Days later I also found the name here and there.

Azadeh now works for Mainichi, the japanese newspaper.