Simplified versus traditional characters

*** a wee bit off topic ***

A link for Stefan, as his business card is written the traditional way (top-down, right-left), but with modern respectively simplified characters.

For students of Chinese, politics fill the characters
Traditionalists bemoan rise of simplified writing system promoted by Communist government to improve literacy

The Communist government updated the system for spelling Chinese words with Roman letters in the 1950s. To increase the country’s literacy rate, it also introduced simplified written Chinese characters, which use fewer strokes. Some characters are completely new, but many are identical to traditional versions. The characters now called traditional first appeared as pictorial script incised on bone or tortoise shell during the Shang dynasty (1400 B.C.-1200 B.C.) and have evolved since.

See also:
Hanzi Smatter, dedicated to the misuse of chinese characters in western culture
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Via Asian Wild Rose

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