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Ein kognitiver Vergleich zwischen Tagging und Kategorisierung


Rashmi Sinha vergleicht in A coginitive analysis of tagging Tagging und Kategorisierung und spricht von einer „post-activation analysis paralysis“ bei letzterem:

Tagging eliminates the decision – (choosing the right category), and takes away the analysis-paralysis stage for most people. It provides immediate self and social feedback. Each tag tells you a little about what you are interested in. And you find out the social context for that bit of self-knowledge. How do others view that item? Together this piecemeal feedback creates a cycle of positive reinforcement, so that you are motivated to tag even more. This might not make tagging easier, but it does make it more fun.

To conclude, the beauty of tagging is that it taps into an existing cognitive process without adding add much cognitive cost.

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