Ajax versus Flash

Flash or AJAX: Choosing a platform for your web application


7 Gedanken zu „Ajax versus Flash

  1. neil

    Hi there,
    ? was this a question ? 🙂
    Not sure? Anway i have and use both… i see advantages in using both 🙂

    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes Neil

  2. Roger

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the comment. It was a simple bookmark for me, so that I can read that article later.


    We are doing more Ajax these times, but we are certainly not against Flex.

    Do you Flash Lite as well?

  3. neil

    no problem roger, i would prefer it if you would remove the comment

    oder wenigstens mein email unsichtbar machen. Ich finde es nicht gerade angenehm wenn ein email addresse so offen ist – nicht gerade gute Stil 🙂

    Danke und Gruss Neil

  4. roger

    Hi Neil,
    I took the email away. It’s not required here, so that’s why it’s also displayed. On other blogs we have the „required“ field and in that case the email address is not displayed.


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