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LDK (Jun's "Based on a true story")

LDK (Based on a True Story)

LDK (Based on a True Story)


AKTIV SEIT: Juli 2003
FOKUS: Daily Life; Essen+Trinken, Gegenstände, Dinge, Parties, Freunde, Familie
SPRACHE: Japanisch und Englisch


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IN EINEM SATZ: Bei Jun haben die Dinge noch eine Seele und dann liebe ich diese Momente beim Lesen, wo das Herz ein bisschen schneller schlägt, ganz leicht… ganz leicht…

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Aus Frankreich: vidéo pour tous! – in der Schweiz no-no der Verleger

INA - Les Archives pour tous!

Während in Frankreich die INA* auf gerade (fast) alles frei aufs Netz stellt, legen sich in der Schweiz die Verleger quer (siehe auch Interview mit Ingrid Deltenre).


Liebe Verleger,
Bitte aufwachen.


* Victoria Shannon hat darüber in der Abteilung „The End User, A voice for the consumer“ (IHT) unter dem Titel From France, video for all berichtet.

Warren Buffet: Newspapers face the prospect of seeing their earnings erode indefinitely

Businessman and Investor Warren Buffet on the Future of Newspapers

It’s hard to make money buying a business that’s in permanent decline. If anything, the decline is accelerating. Newspaper readers are heading into the cemetery, while newspaper non-readers are just getting out of college. The old virtuous circle, where big readership draws a lot of ads, which in turn draw more readers, has broken down.

Charlie and I think newspapers are indispensable. I read four a day. He reads five. We couldn’t live without them. But a lot of people can now. This used to be the ultimate bulletproof franchise. It’s not anymore.

Via Amy Gahran

Strategic Commenting / Blog Marketing

Strategic Commenting: No blog is an island

I do a lot of blog coaching, and one of the most common laments I hear is „no one visits / links to / comments on my blog!“

The solution is simple once you wrap your brain around the concept of conversational media.

If you view your blog as part of a public conversation, rather than a mere publication, then an easy way to attract more interest and interaction becomes obvious. I call it „strategic commenting.“

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Via ifeedyou

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Online Music Services do not need a star-system model

The Impact of Online Music Services on the Demand for Stars in the Music Industry by Ian Pascal Volz

It can be seen that online music consumers do prefer a more diverse selection than offline music consumers do. […] The essential advantage of online music distribution and presentation systems over offline offers is achieved by bringing listeners together. Ubiquitous discussion possibilities with fans of the same or similar music are greatly appreciated by consumers of nonstars‘ music. Since this extra value can only be offered by online music services there is higher demand for less popular music. By implementing online music distribution systems many musicians not considered stars can be promoted. These results become even more significant as online music consumption rises. The key to a diminution of stardom as it exists in the established business model of the recording industry lies in the acceptance and exploitation of online music services.

Design Pattern Library by Yahoo!

Page Grids

Cool stuff here: Design Patterns

What’s a Pattern?

Design patterns describe solutions. Solutions that we know can work ‘positively’ for specific problems in specific contexts. The solutions are documented as a ‘pattern’ where all aspects can be described, even implementation issues if that is helpful and relevant.

Yahoo Interface Blog

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