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La Suizandina, near the Volcano Tolhuaca

My sister and her family will be at La Suizandina for some time.

And on 14 Febrary, just in the middle of a stressful time, arrived Nadia and George with their two children Tokio and Dimitri (see first picture four persons on the right). They will take over the function of the managers at the Suizandina. At the moment, though, they are learning how everything works here at the Suizandina in order to make sure that you will be well served also in the future. They look forward to welcoming you soon!

Naturally I wanted also to know where they are on the Google Map, so that I can open up the place on DokoDare. I guess that’s it below, especially if I compare it to this picture.

And here is the QR Code for La Suizandina, if you happen to want to chill out in Chile:

La Suizandina, Curacautin, Chile

See also: Koordinatenumrechnung, as I first took the coordinates from here, but it didn’t match well with the provided map.

Two Daily Tlinks and a DokoDare QR Code for KGB Bar, NYC

Twitter ate my RSS reader. Please tweet your blog posts! Sign of the Times?


KGB Bar in New York (via audaciaray). Scan the QR Code and add (place) to Favorites*.

QR Code for KGB Bar in New York (DokoDare)

* Login to DokoDare with an ID you can get here.


And a bit later, a link:
Highlights from TED: Tim Berners-Lee, Pattie Maes, Jacek Utko

Jacek Utko’s call to arms:

“Design can change not just your product, it can change your workflow, it can change your company. We just need inspiration, vision, and determination to operate at the highest level. To be good is not enough.”