Archiv für den Monat März 2009

Orte eröffnen auf DokoDare

Selbst Orte eröffnen auf DokoDare

  • QR Code scannen.
  • Ort eintragen (dafür braucht man eine ID)
  • Wir ergänzen die Geo Information
  • Der neue Ort geht online unter New Places (Neue Orte)



Simple Attendance Management with DokoDare

Tell people to set up a Kaywa ID* in advance either by going to or by sending an SMS to 202 with NEWID username (Swisscom and Sunrise, CHF 0.20).
Advantage: With SMS you can also set it up right at the place.

Provide a DokoDare Sticker for the place (examples: here and there)

Now people can simply check in. We can provide:

  • Sticker where people have to click a link to check in (default)
  • Sticker code which is the checkin

After the meeting or conference we can provide the list of people who have checked in.
At the same time, people have also get a direct communication channel and people from the outside can tune in.

* Kaywa ID is Open-ID enabled by the way