We opened a DokoDare Place for your location…

We opened a DokoDare Place for your location. What can you do with DokoDare, you may ask? What is DokoDare?

1) A Mobile Site
First of all DokoDare provides you with a mobile site of your place. With this mobile site, your customers can now access your address, phone numbers, maps, your description „on the go“. As our life becomes more and more mobile and the mobile phone more ubiqitous, mobile sites will increasingly become more important.

On top of that, DokoDare offers also a webpage of your place. Here you can upload your photo and write your News and Kaykus.
See an example: #kaywazh

2) A QR Code pointing to your location
Every DokoDare Place also provides a QR Code (=Quick Response Code) and a QR Code Sticker in PDF-Format.
You already know Barcodes; QR Codes are Barcodes which can contain much more information like an URL/web address, a phonebook entry, a text etc.
If one has a QR Code Reader on his mobile phone, one simply scans the QR Code to immediately access the mobile DokoDare site.
QR Codes have been a huge success in Japan since 2003, where you can find them everywhere: on posters, leaflets, T-Shirts, websites, in newspapers, magazines and even on TV.
Now QR Codes are becoming fast a global trend.
We think that this is also a tremendous opportunity for your location. If someone sees the QR Code on a DokoDare Sticker, or on your business card, your website, on the T-Shirt you are wearing, or in the ad you are publishing, they will want to scan it.

3) A Place-based Social Network
Once people have scanned the QR Code with their mobile phone they are now on your DokoDare place page. What can they do, besides seeing where you are located, calling you, reading your description, your opening hours?

DokoDare offers them several options, once they are logged in:

Checking In and Writing Kaykus
– If they scanned the QR Code from the sticker attached to your place, they can check in to become visible to others.
– They can also write a Kayku (a 140 letter message), which can be republished on Twitter at the same time.
– And if they like someones Kaykus, they can follow the person who wrote them.

Sharing and Bookmarking a Place
– A simple way to share the place itself, by sending it out to everyone with either a username or an email address.
– Adding it to Favorites, so they can later go back to your place

4) A Mobile Newsletter
If you are the endorser of your place, you can also publish News (a 255 letter message). News will always appear on top on the DokoDare website as well as on the mobile site. We consider this a very important part of DokoDare – it is what you want to say or to announce to your customers. Naturally you can always link to specific pages where you explain your announcement in more detail.
And if one of your customers is interested, he will also want to follow your news and read your mobile newsletter when away from you.

5) A Mobile and Social Marketing Tool
Already in itself, DokoDare is a great marketing tool, as you can now reach your customers anytime, anyplace. It even gets better when you add Twitter to the mix. By retweeting your Kaykus, you also reach out to your existing followers. So you write once, but publish twice. People who come back to your DokoDare page, will also see your News, your location, your neighbourhood.
And if you organize an event at your location and you entice your customers to start writing Kaykus and republishing them on Twitter, you will be surprised how many people will find back to your DokoDare page and get additional information about your location.

6) Your Neighbourhood
Last but not least, you and your neighbourhood will profit a lot from being each other on DokoDare. Say you are the endorser of a restaurant and somebody searches restaurants in the neighbourhood of a hotel where they are currently checked in. There is a good chance they will find you via their mobile, as you are in their immediate neighbourhood.
You can also cooperate more intensly with your neighbourhood by republishing/retweeting Kaykus from a business nearby, therefore sustaining and supporting your local community.

We hope we have given you a good introduction to DokoDare, so we want to finish with the last tips to get you going:

a) Opening an account
You don’t need an account to read the information on DokoDare, use the maps etc. However once you want to use DokoDare more actively – checking-in, writing, bookmarking etc., you need to create a user account. You can open an account at http://id.kaywa.com and then log in.

b) Installing a QR Code Reader on your phone
To read QR Codes, you need a QR Code Reader for your phone. Here are our current recommendations:

– iPhone: Lynkee on AppStore
– Android: Google’s Barcode Scanner
– Windows Mobile: Quickmark
– Java, Symbian: Kaywa Reader

PS: There are also preinstalled QR Code Readers on many Nokias and several programms have built-in QR Code readers like ShopSavvy.

c) Endorsing a Place (Upgrading to the Pro service)
To endorse, to claim a place and write News, you need first to get in touch with us. Send us an email, write a Kayku at #kaywazh or call us* with your place name and/or webaddress as well as your username.
The username of the endorser will appear itself on the place webpage, so choose one that makes sense for your business. A good rule is to take the same name you already have on Twitter – if you are on Twitter.

* Our #kaywazh DokoDare Page:

More Questions?
Do you have more questions?
We are happy to respond at #kaywazh (URL: http://dokodare.kaywa.com/20203630). Start your questions with @dokodare. And why not republish them on Twitter?

Example with the username „martin“:
«@dokodare Where can I print DokoDare stickers?»

DokoDare – Places, People, Me is the global location guide for your mobile life.


4 Gedanken zu „We opened a DokoDare Place for your location…

  1. Martin

    Zunehmend wird für mich DokoDare interessanter!

    Besonders die Möglickeit Nachrichten via kayku an einen festen Ort zu binden, finde ich toll – insbesondere für spätere Events.

    Hilfreich wäre beispielsweise, wenn
    nach dem Checkin an einem Ort auf dem Mobiltelefon der ArbeitskollegInnen zudem ein SMS eintreffen würde – analog den Breaking-News vom Tagesanzeiger im iPhone – das die Arbeitskollegen über den neuen Standort meiner Person informiert.

  2. Roger

    Hallo Martin,
    Wir sind am Redesign der mobilen Version und da spielt die Benachrichtigung, sowie die Lokalisierung via GPS/CellID eine wichtige Rolle.
    Danke und freue mich über weitere Inputs. Jetzt ist die beste Zeit, sie anzubringen.

  3. Martin

    Meine Wunschliste: People Arround you: die eingeloggten Freunde auf Maps mit Profilbild sichtbar. Places arround you mit 5km, 10km, 100km. Kaykusuche, kaykutags, my kaykus, Google Buzz Anbindung, Create Events, DokoDare-Einbindung in Blog.

  4. Martin

    Ein iPhone App für DokoDare wäre cool, wobei Kaykus im Mittelpunkt stehen könnten. Bei Events mit Microblogging könnten alle Kaykus zu einem Hashtag an einem Event gekoppelt zu einem Place gesammelt werden; sogenannte Kayku-Wall für Event.


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