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Open Access and Open Data for Zurich (#ezuerich)

My two cents for #ezuerich. I didn’t like the format that much (and didn’t like the rights issue), as I think this needs more work done from the organizers than just a forum where you can jot down your ideas. The work (the curation) that was absolutely missing, is to say what role the city can and wants to play in this. Not start with a wild mix of ideas, but high-level and then go more into detail.

Personally I think Zurich should think on two main axes:

  • ACCESS: Grant access to the net for free/or almost free – take water as an analogy. This can include WLAN for all / (or only for the unemployed, all persons that need to roam like tourists, conference participants etc.). It includes also a very usable and cool website to explain this to everyone: locals and tourists = such a service is also about marketing.
    And it could also include a cheap rent service for the newest computer gear: laptops, ipads, Android phones etc. – We would also need more data about the exact needs.
  • OPEN DATA: First this would start with a question: What data does the city and it’s related institutions have (ex. Zurich Tourism)? If we could make all or most of this data openly available as a webservice, other (commercial, startup) companies could start working with it. Next: Go from open data to open government.

The below video is about OpenData for transit in the US, but there is much more data that could be open in Zurich, Switzerland. One example is Point of Interest Data regarding city and cantonal institutions, as well as Event data.
Once this data would be open and accessible via an API, it would certainly be used in many new, exciting and different ways. – And this data belongs to us anyway, so why not open it up now.

A Case for Open Data in Transit from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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