First Days in San Francisco

Frenzy is the good word to start, as it all started with an adrenalin bump as my AirBnB place was canceled only two days before I wanted to move in. So on Saturday morning, the day my plane would take off for San Francisco, I still had no room. Fortunately my plane was delayed and using the mobile ticket service from SWISS I was warned by SMS – one of the huge benefits that mobile offers – , I could dedicate a bit more time to find a place. As AirBnB also uses SMS I finally got one in time in South Mission. And a wonderful place too, but more about that later.

Once I had a room, I needed a bike, the easiest way around town even in hilly San Francisco. At first I started renting one. On Monday it fell apart. The next I tried, got stolen at Harrison/5th street. In between my host Lisha had also offered me one – but it was too small. Good for her. Finally I bought a city bike at Valencia Cylery with helmet and a way better lock.
So far – fingers crossed – my bike performs as it should and brings me from SOMA 2nd street to the Mission on 22nd street within 20 minutes.

On Monday, June 18th, I was at the Social-Loco conference which was a bit like watching american television. Lots of discussions and according to your attention you glean something here and there.
Coming from stiffy and formal Switzerland the thing that hit me immediately was the californian informality of such an event, best illustrated by VC Dave McClure coming in flip flops on stage.
And obviously mobile comes first here. And I repeat it again: nothing, but MOBILE FIRST.

At the end of the conference, I already was on my way out – jet lagged to death – I came back the moment the organizers were announcing their last giveaway: an iPad3.
And the winnner is…- „ah a business card with a QR Code“ – … Roger Fischer. Uups, that’s me. How did that go?
As my brain was changing gears from very slow to normal speed, I vaguely remembered having thrown my bizcard in a pot earler in the morning. Lesson here: A QR Code can win you an iPad.
Not only was the iPad a kick that woke me up instantly, it also was an ideal connector at the Cocktail Party. Finally after a Boston Analyst of the whole QR Code/EAN Barcode space, I met two South Africans who want to set up business here – „this is the place to be!“ – and we went to Burma Superstar in chilly Richmond. The famous tea leave salad and all other burmese dishes were delicious and were well worth the freezing 1 hour wait.

To be continued… (hopefully)

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