Nuggets from Hiring your First Sales Person as a Startup

Hiring Your First Salesperson

Gia Scinto: Never use the title Chief Revenue Officer. If I would be a customer, I would feel strange to talk to the Chief Revenue Officer. Head of Sales is just fine.

David Obrand: What you want in a Sales of a Startup
1) Intellectual Horsepower
2) Technical Aptitude
3) Passion for your Customer’s Success
4) Loves a frantic environment
5) Can live with delayed gratification


Important: When hiring a sales tell them the long term opportunity/story. Not just what the company is now.

You need to listen to customers, what problems they have. Asking hard questions.
Only then can you create a bridge in the mind of the customer from their problem to your product

Backchannel references about a Sales
References from the Sales Rep itself are normally not worth exploring. There is always a guy telling nice things.
Instead ask a former customer of the Sales Rep: Would you buy from them again, and why?

Remote Sales Reps is a no-go
Startup: NEVER work with a Remote Sales Rep. Companies need to be together


Also worth watching:
John Doerr: What To Look For When Joining a Company


Kaywa Inc : Inside Sales / Customer Care

We are looking for an Inside Sales Specialist and/or Customer Care Officer for Kaywa Inc in San Francisco. Send a mail to contact at kaywa dot com if you are interested.

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