Design QR Codes

Made with our new Custom Design Generator which is currently used by ourselves, but soon will be available online to use for everyone with a paid plan. Already today you can order such good looking QR Codes and we create them for you. In the near future, you will be able to create them yourself.

Scan these awesome QR Codes with the Kaywa Reader for the iPhone and the iPad as well as for Android devices.
To promote the Kaywa Reader to your customers, we also prepared some graphics to use. Find them here: Around the QR Code.
Design Codes as well as telling people what to do, increases scans rates significantly. We have seen scan rates increase by 600%!

Chragis Design QR Code

Design QR Code (Goetze's Caramel Candy)

Important Note:
Below are samples to show what we are capable of. They all point to the same address.

Design QR Code (Sample)

Design QR Code (Sample)

Design QR Code (Sample)

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