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Global Warning is an event that needs a rigorous perspective now

Bill Blackmore: Is This Humanity’s First Planetary Emergency?

Global warming is not a politics story (though greatly politicized); it is an event, and as such needs not so much a political sort of „balance“ as a rigorous perspective — as did, for example, the sudden explosion of Mount St. Helens in 1980 or the tsunami in Indonesia, except that global warming is far bigger and more complex than these events.

Peter Frumhoff about Global Warming

Host Lisa Mullins talks with scientist/activist Peter Frumhoff about the potential fallout from global warming.

I think it’s essential that we build the conversation so that we can make those choices today. And it really is a question of insurance. There’s absolutely no doubt in the scientific community that we’re entering a period of warming that is fully unprecedented in human history. We’re doing a massive experiment with the earth system.

Video (Quicktime, 26:02)
Peter Frumhoff Transcript

Historic Climate Deal?

Climate Change Conference in Montréal, Canada

UK hails ‚historic‘ climate deal.

Environment ministers at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Montreal have made a series of breakthroughs in plans to combat global warming.

Kyoto Protocol signatories agreed to extend the treaty on emissions reductions beyond its 2012 deadline.

A group of countries including the US agreed to talks on long-term measures.

The US had previously refused to accept any deal leading to commitments to cuts.

According to Climate-change conference ends with key deals the document’s name is the Montreal Action Plan. I still couldn’t find the document so far.

I was looking for the agreement, but I didn’t find it here and there are no links whatsoever in news articles I skimmed through. Can anyone point me to the „environment ministers“ document?

And what do others think? Anybody here? There at the BBC Forum the climate change negationists seem to have taken over.

International Climate Efforts Beyond 2012 (Pew Center on Global Climate Change)

Didn’t have time to scan it…
International Climate Efforts Beyond 2012: Report of the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico, Released November 15, 2005

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change announces the release of a major new report outlining options and recommendations for advancing the international climate change effort post-2012. The report is from the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico, a group of 25 senior policymakers and stakeholders from 15 countries convened by the Pew Center.

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Real Climate

RealClimate was selected last month for the „Science & Technology Web Awards 2005“ by Scientific American, now they have made it to the final round of Deutsche Welle’s 2005 Weblog Awards (for those of you not familiar with them, Deutsche Welle is sort of the German equivalent of Britain’s BBC World Service).

RealClimate is a commentary site on climate science by working climate scientists for the interested public and journalists. We aim to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary. The discussion here is restricted to scientific topics and will not get involved in any political or economic implications of the science.

Via The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Blogosphere as a Carnival of Ideas

Youth Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Cities, November 24, 25, Berne

Climate Change Summit

On 24 and 25 November, the British Council is organising a “Youth Summit on Climate Change and its Impact on Cities.” This will bring together on the one hand a group of young scientists from the UK, Switzerland, the USA and Bangladesh and on the other, a group of young leaders from Switzerland and the UK.

The aim of the Summit is to allow the scientists to communicate their work to the leaders of tomorrow as well as today and to facilitate dialogue between scientists and political and economic stakeholders on climate change issues and on the scenarios for cities. The young scientists will work with mentors and professionals from the media and from think tanks in the days preceding the Summit.

For more information, send email to

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