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Links4me: Social Media, Mobile 2.0, Governance-on-the-Go

Justin Marshall on Social Media Marketing

Justin’s take on social media revolves around 3 critical points: Find your customer’s shared passion, build value through community, and focus on strategic objectives.

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A permaculture approach to social media

But a truly useful, sustainable, and profitable permaculture by definition must have simple and aesthetically-pleasing pathways, fully-accessible harvest patches, and an easily-maintained structure. Likewise, a sustainable social media system must look and feel simple, approachable, and accessible, even though it may be supported by an extremely complex set of business rules and technologies.

Brian Fling on Mobile 2.0 and the iPhone
Designing the Mobile User Experience

‘Governance-on-the-Go’, or GonGo: the citizen at the center of an IT-enabled governance breakthrough?

This allows IT to be embedded into the mobile citizen, thanks to the breakthrough synergy of various technologies. In particular, consider what a citizen can do as s/he goes about their day, thanks to the interaction between the cellphone, SMS text messaging (or MMS for pictures and video) and micro-blogging, such as Twitter. These have already empowered millions of highly mobile citizens everywhere to improve governance, democracy, and peace — and also in poor and remote corners of the world.

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Leapfrog Blog
Mapufacture Blog

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